HK-60L CMOS Emergency Lights | Lampu Emergency

HK – 60L CMOS Emergency Light Lamp is a rechargeable lamp is useful for emergencies during power failure or power failure , or it can be taken camping , fishing , patrolling

HK – 60L CMOS Features :

Fruit 60 LED lights make lights brighter
Can be mounted on the wall in the condition of charge for use during power failure ( unplugged / power outage )
Automatically turns on when the power goes out the conditions attached lights and switches on the power plugs alive

Duration of light resistance :
12 Hours in the position for 60 bright LED lights
30 Hours in the normal position for 60 LED lamps
Charging time 20-24 hours
Mounted 4V 1.2Ah battery ( 2 pieces ) that can refill
Having excess charge protection and power leaking
Re- charge the battery immediately after use . When the light is not used for a long period recharge every 3 months
Emergency Lamp HK60L CMOS image 4

HK – 60L CMOS Specifications :
Light source: 60 pieces LED
Battery : 4V 1.2Ah ( 2 pieces ) rechargeable
Charging time 20-24 hours
Input Power AC 220V 50/60 Hz
3 position switch : Light – Dead – Normal
LED indicator lights
Dimensions of box : 44 X 7.5 X 5 ( cm )
Dimensions of the lamp : 41 X 7 X 4.5 ( cm )
Shipping Weight : 1 Kg .

attention : (Read: harga lampu surya )
Not until an empty battery , rechargeable battery immediately or store anda.Jangan left empty as this will damage the battery

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The adoption of an aluminum casting techniques | pengecoran aluminium

Casting is a manufacturing process that uses liquid metal and molds to produce parts with shapes that approximates the shape of the final geometry of the finished product . While the metal casting is a technique in which the manufacture of metal melted in a crucible then poured into the mold cavity similar to the original form of castings to be made .

( Read : pengecoran aluminium )

pengecoran aluminium

pengecoran aluminium

Metal casting has been done since the Stone Age . This research was conducted in the village of Pasuruan Mayangan and at the State University of Malang . Time doing research in the study twice a week in the village of Pasuruan Mayangan and 1 day doing research at the State University of Malang . The data collection techniques with practical and direct question to the informant .

The results of the research that has been done is as follows : a) Kualitaskualitas aluminum foundry in the village Mayangan been categorized either as a result of this aluminum casting has a national market include the Jakarta and Surabaya .

While the quality of the aluminum foundry lab courses at the University of Malang country as learning for students who do metal casting practice and the quality is quite good and can also in katakana relative . Because students do lab has different capabilities .

It also introduces a permanent mold casting using borrowed from the Village Mayangan to students who are doing practice pengecocan metal . b ) In general stages in the Village Mayangan aluminum casting is as follows : 1 . smelting of aluminum metal in the furnace , 2 . Pouring into the mat / mold , 3 . Finishing .

( Read: teknik pengecoran aluminium )

Suggestions can be put forward sehubung with the results of this study are as follows :
a) The State University of Malang , especially mechanical engineering to provide a more complete foundry facilities such as provision of permanent mold casting and application of that knowledge in accordance with real life .

b ) To further expected Researchers look for the factors and sources of more in-depth and detail relating to the casting material as an extension of the previous study .



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Making Murai Batu Breeding Cages

Wrapped with a beautiful physique and charming chirping , humming stones can hypnotize anyone who saw it . ¬ In the market , the price of these birds can reach tens of millions of dollars . In addition to her charms , stone magpie cause of high value is due to the increasing scarcity of this habitat in the wild .( Read: budidaya murai batu )

murai batuIndonesia is known to have many species of birds called latin Copychus this malabaricus . Kind of depends on the habitat or where the discovery of this bird . Call it rock Aceh magpie , magpie field stone , stone Nias magpie , magpie grave stone , stone lampung magpie , magpie stone Kalimantan ( Borneo ) , and magpie stone Java ( larwo ) .

Lately, stone magpie breeding business again lively . Certainly one reason is the economic value tempting . Moreover, if the stone has been in existence magpie won various competitions . Even so , menangkar magpie stone is not easy . Many things need to be considered in order to produce quality stone magpie . One is the manufacture of cages , because of where the breeder prove diligence in maintaining and caring for magpie stone .

Some things to consider to make the stone magpie breeding cage is :

• Enclosure must be comfortable , clean , safe , no noise , exposed to direct sunlight and protected from the wind .
• Consists of two entrances , the main door and the door alternatives . Generally the main door used for treatment , while alternative door for easy breeder breeders magpie see rocks in the enclosure .
• The door is made of a wire cage with a frame of iron ram so much stronger , better alternative to the main door or entrance .
• The roof of the enclosure must have a 2/3 open sections and the third section is closed .
• Should the enclosure wall using brick or concrete block . However , if the funds making minimal , can be tricked using wire ram .
• Leave the paved ground floor of the cage and do not need the wall with cement . In addition to easy to clean , it is also done so that dirt can enrich the soil magpie stone .
• Provide some powerful perch , in some measure , and placed in several positions .
• Decorate the cage with a few trees and natural stone to create a natural habitat magpie stone .
• Place a shower and a meal should be made ​​of material that is easily cleaned .
• To place spawn consists of wooden nest boxes , nest containers are inserted into the nest box and nest building blocks that can be made ​​from straw and pine needles .
• Do not forget to make a nest for a parent to put for an arranged marriage with a male magpie magpie breeding females .

Nice enclosure will affect the quality of the physical and psychological magpie stone , including the quality of the sound art .

Once the cage is prepared , you can now take care of magpie stone . Tenacity and patience is of course indispensable . Because often , instead of mating male and female parent , turned out to kill each other because of the aggressive nature of the stone owned magpie .

( Read: harga murai batu )

menangkarkan – and – print – magpie – rock – quality – kontesBuku ” Murai Batu menangkarkan and Print Quality Contest ” dissect the intricacies of stone magpie , a bird known for his beautiful voice . You can also identify the types of stone magpie in Indonesia and neighboring countries . The book further discusses methods of good breeding , breeders selecting candidates , to care in order to become a champion in the contest . Written by Supriyanto Akdiatmojo and Maloedin Sitanggang with an easily digested , this book is worth reading for you bird lovers .

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Complete List of Latest Android Hp Lenovo 2014

List Price Hp Android Latest Lenovo 2014 – Still in the discussion of the latest price information in 2014 , but which will be covered by the Electronic Product Information Latest following the HP Lenovo List Price Latest Android 2014. Products from Lenovo are quite a stir in the mobile market of the country, such as Lenovo S920 , S820 and many others . harga hp lenovo

harga hp LenovoHp Lenovo diIndonesia pretty much in demand because the price is fairly affordable android smartphones to class in this country , as well as the specifications that can compete with other smartphones . Na to start the new year 2014 , for you who do not have a smartphone of this one , you should try to buy it . The following HP Lenovo List Price Latest Androdi 2014 which later can help you to find the Hp Lenovo that you want. Harga Hp samsung terbaru

Price Lenovo S960 Vibe X Latest March 2014
New Price : Rp.4.500.000

Lenovo S920 Dual Sim Price Latest March 2014
New Price Rp 2.800.000 | Used Price Rp 2.500.000

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Setting Up a Facebook Page and Twitter Follow Under Blog Posts

In some previous post Julak sourie never made a tutorial on how to install the facebook like , tweet , plus one button below the post , there are also key share float . Somewhat different from that , this time Julak will share how to add a like facebook page and follow twitter in a blog post .

cara membuat facebook

The difference is that if a visitor clicks like button , then automatically they will love our blog facebook page , with a note at the time they were logged on facebook account . While the button is not like regular , and just like the particular post . Similarly, twitter button , visitors will automatically memfollow our twitter account , that if the button just ordinary men ” tweet ” our articles . A value I guess if applied on your blog .

Want to know how ? Please follow the following tutorial

Setting Up a Facebook Page and Twitter Follow Under Blog Posts

How to install ( Read: cara membuat grup facebook )

1 . Login to blogger dashboard > Template > Edit HMTL > Continue > check expand the template

2 . ‘s Code or

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cleaning the bird cage

Cleaning the bird cage has become part of my daily routine after work , more precisely 16.30 . The most focus on pedestal wash is part of the cage because that’s where bird droppings accumulate . The instrument used was a putty knife to scrape / poke the bird droppings .

This is a job for those not familiar will definitely feel disgusted but for those already accustomed certainly not a problem . And certainly this is a job that must be done , part of the risk of maintaining the bird .

( Read: harga sangkar burung )

sangkar burungActually there is an easier way to clean up if it was jiji scraped manner , that is by utilizing the waste newspaper , how the base section of newspaper lined cage or something that size in such a way equated with the size of the cage base . So do not bother bother scrape , just take it on a pedestal newsprint that has been kotoranya cage that keeps changing with new old newspapers . Beres right?

One more thing to remember is to facilitate the cleaning of the cage is when buying the cage itself. Notice the cage and the base note also ( what it’s called so ) above the base of the cage is no reason that barred cage looking into two parts off this easy . Popular part pedestal drawers . Pedestal drawers help facilitate the cleaning of the cage.

Cage hygiene is very important , because of the variety of sources that I read , a cage that does not endanger the health of the birds clean themselves . One more cage is not clean / wipe rarely / never cleaned / kotoranya let it accumulate in the guarantee will smell . If it smells definitely criticized other family members .

This cage cleaning activities can all drink to clean up the place , replacing the drinking water , check to tersedian feed , feed more than two days remaining in the flue must be replaced with a new one . So it’s important to figure out the how many birds eat in a day if necessary give pakanya in pint , it is a pity that a lot of wasted feed .

Once everything feels wrong then caged in kerodong . It is important to mengkerodong tujuanya cage so the bird is free from mosquito bites and cold .

Hanging cage should also be in place seteril of pests , such as ants and mice so find a safe place from pests . I myself would hang in the kitchen birds lined up on a bamboo splinter that is prepared .
Every hobby certainly there are risks , so be prepared to bear all the risks that arise from the hobby .( Read: sangkar burung kacer )

Okay so this time hopefully post to be useful .

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Method To Produce Livestock weaver ants Kroto Super


In Raising weaver ants there are several methods , but most pensuplay Kroto still using the old method ( traditional ) methods as for it is :


1 . The traditional method

In this method there is almost no direct human intervention . Ants alone and allowed to breed humans just take the result . for example ; which is now mostly done by Kroto picker . He’s just looking for an existing tree nest and take Kroto semutnya there . Sometimes can be overwhelming , but often just get a few results per weaver ant nest . If the nest is taken then he should find a new nest in order to obtain Kroto again .( Read: budidaya kroto )

advantages :

No need to bother to administer
Without the need to feed
The place is already available in nature

The downside :

Results can not be predicted / expected before
Still affected by natural weather conditions
It is difficult to breed
It should still seek to forest Forest

2 . Methods Semi Traditional

In this method have been no human intervention . But only a little , because most still rely for the preservation of nature weaver ants . Usually this method is that the planters that use ants to keep the trees from being attacked plant pests . Planters gave way ants move and evolve in order to place a new or desirable planters . In addition planters also feed ants with kitchen scraps . With this method the results to be expected and much more than the traditional method .

advantages :

The place is already available in nature
Care only sideline

The downside :

Still affected by natural weather conditions
It is difficult to breed
Require a long time to succeed
Require Special Attention To Protected from wild predators

3. Methods of Modern

In modern methods of livestock weaver ants almost no interference from nature. Ants almost 100% dependent on the farmer in terms of obtaining shelter, food and nutrition intake. Even ants breed until generations, have never seen a tree. An example of this method is the use of weaver ants cattle Method Developed Kroto Research Institute of Aquaculture weaver ants using modern methods.


Does not require the garden
Not Require The Area
Small Capital ( Read: beternak kroto )
Small Maintenance Costs
The results could have been predicted
The harvest period can be set 2 weeks 1 month can be
Does not depend on weather conditions / natural
Ants already in localization so do not go anywhere
Easy way Kroto Yield management and clean
Kroto Generate Quality of Super

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