HK-60L CMOS Emergency Lights | Lampu Emergency

HK – 60L CMOS Emergency Light Lamp is a rechargeable lamp is useful for emergencies during power failure or power failure , or it can be taken camping , fishing , patrolling

HK – 60L CMOS Features :

Fruit 60 LED lights make lights brighter
Can be mounted on the wall in the condition of charge for use during power failure ( unplugged / power outage )
Automatically turns on when the power goes out the conditions attached lights and switches on the power plugs alive

Duration of light resistance :
12 Hours in the position for 60 bright LED lights
30 Hours in the normal position for 60 LED lamps
Charging time 20-24 hours
Mounted 4V 1.2Ah battery ( 2 pieces ) that can refill
Having excess charge protection and power leaking
Re- charge the battery immediately after use . When the light is not used for a long period recharge every 3 months
Emergency Lamp HK60L CMOS image 4

HK – 60L CMOS Specifications :
Light source: 60 pieces LED
Battery : 4V 1.2Ah ( 2 pieces ) rechargeable
Charging time 20-24 hours
Input Power AC 220V 50/60 Hz
3 position switch : Light – Dead – Normal
LED indicator lights
Dimensions of box : 44 X 7.5 X 5 ( cm )
Dimensions of the lamp : 41 X 7 X 4.5 ( cm )
Shipping Weight : 1 Kg .

attention : (Read: harga lampu surya )
Not until an empty battery , rechargeable battery immediately or store anda.Jangan left empty as this will damage the battery


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