The adoption of an aluminum casting techniques | pengecoran aluminium

Casting is a manufacturing process that uses liquid metal and molds to produce parts with shapes that approximates the shape of the final geometry of the finished product . While the metal casting is a technique in which the manufacture of metal melted in a crucible then poured into the mold cavity similar to the original form of castings to be made .

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pengecoran aluminium

pengecoran aluminium

Metal casting has been done since the Stone Age . This research was conducted in the village of Pasuruan Mayangan and at the State University of Malang . Time doing research in the study twice a week in the village of Pasuruan Mayangan and 1 day doing research at the State University of Malang . The data collection techniques with practical and direct question to the informant .

The results of the research that has been done is as follows : a) Kualitaskualitas aluminum foundry in the village Mayangan been categorized either as a result of this aluminum casting has a national market include the Jakarta and Surabaya .

While the quality of the aluminum foundry lab courses at the University of Malang country as learning for students who do metal casting practice and the quality is quite good and can also in katakana relative . Because students do lab has different capabilities .

It also introduces a permanent mold casting using borrowed from the Village Mayangan to students who are doing practice pengecocan metal . b ) In general stages in the Village Mayangan aluminum casting is as follows : 1 . smelting of aluminum metal in the furnace , 2 . Pouring into the mat / mold , 3 . Finishing .

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Suggestions can be put forward sehubung with the results of this study are as follows :
a) The State University of Malang , especially mechanical engineering to provide a more complete foundry facilities such as provision of permanent mold casting and application of that knowledge in accordance with real life .

b ) To further expected Researchers look for the factors and sources of more in-depth and detail relating to the casting material as an extension of the previous study .




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