Making Murai Batu Breeding Cages

Wrapped with a beautiful physique and charming chirping , humming stones can hypnotize anyone who saw it . ¬ In the market , the price of these birds can reach tens of millions of dollars . In addition to her charms , stone magpie cause of high value is due to the increasing scarcity of this habitat in the wild .( Read: budidaya murai batu )

murai batuIndonesia is known to have many species of birds called latin Copychus this malabaricus . Kind of depends on the habitat or where the discovery of this bird . Call it rock Aceh magpie , magpie field stone , stone Nias magpie , magpie grave stone , stone lampung magpie , magpie stone Kalimantan ( Borneo ) , and magpie stone Java ( larwo ) .

Lately, stone magpie breeding business again lively . Certainly one reason is the economic value tempting . Moreover, if the stone has been in existence magpie won various competitions . Even so , menangkar magpie stone is not easy . Many things need to be considered in order to produce quality stone magpie . One is the manufacture of cages , because of where the breeder prove diligence in maintaining and caring for magpie stone .

Some things to consider to make the stone magpie breeding cage is :

• Enclosure must be comfortable , clean , safe , no noise , exposed to direct sunlight and protected from the wind .
• Consists of two entrances , the main door and the door alternatives . Generally the main door used for treatment , while alternative door for easy breeder breeders magpie see rocks in the enclosure .
• The door is made of a wire cage with a frame of iron ram so much stronger , better alternative to the main door or entrance .
• The roof of the enclosure must have a 2/3 open sections and the third section is closed .
• Should the enclosure wall using brick or concrete block . However , if the funds making minimal , can be tricked using wire ram .
• Leave the paved ground floor of the cage and do not need the wall with cement . In addition to easy to clean , it is also done so that dirt can enrich the soil magpie stone .
• Provide some powerful perch , in some measure , and placed in several positions .
• Decorate the cage with a few trees and natural stone to create a natural habitat magpie stone .
• Place a shower and a meal should be made ​​of material that is easily cleaned .
• To place spawn consists of wooden nest boxes , nest containers are inserted into the nest box and nest building blocks that can be made ​​from straw and pine needles .
• Do not forget to make a nest for a parent to put for an arranged marriage with a male magpie magpie breeding females .

Nice enclosure will affect the quality of the physical and psychological magpie stone , including the quality of the sound art .

Once the cage is prepared , you can now take care of magpie stone . Tenacity and patience is of course indispensable . Because often , instead of mating male and female parent , turned out to kill each other because of the aggressive nature of the stone owned magpie .

( Read: harga murai batu )

menangkarkan – and – print – magpie – rock – quality – kontesBuku ” Murai Batu menangkarkan and Print Quality Contest ” dissect the intricacies of stone magpie , a bird known for his beautiful voice . You can also identify the types of stone magpie in Indonesia and neighboring countries . The book further discusses methods of good breeding , breeders selecting candidates , to care in order to become a champion in the contest . Written by Supriyanto Akdiatmojo and Maloedin Sitanggang with an easily digested , this book is worth reading for you bird lovers .


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