cleaning the bird cage

Cleaning the bird cage has become part of my daily routine after work , more precisely 16.30 . The most focus on pedestal wash is part of the cage because that’s where bird droppings accumulate . The instrument used was a putty knife to scrape / poke the bird droppings .

This is a job for those not familiar will definitely feel disgusted but for those already accustomed certainly not a problem . And certainly this is a job that must be done , part of the risk of maintaining the bird .

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sangkar burungActually there is an easier way to clean up if it was jiji scraped manner , that is by utilizing the waste newspaper , how the base section of newspaper lined cage or something that size in such a way equated with the size of the cage base . So do not bother bother scrape , just take it on a pedestal newsprint that has been kotoranya cage that keeps changing with new old newspapers . Beres right?

One more thing to remember is to facilitate the cleaning of the cage is when buying the cage itself. Notice the cage and the base note also ( what it’s called so ) above the base of the cage is no reason that barred cage looking into two parts off this easy . Popular part pedestal drawers . Pedestal drawers help facilitate the cleaning of the cage.

Cage hygiene is very important , because of the variety of sources that I read , a cage that does not endanger the health of the birds clean themselves . One more cage is not clean / wipe rarely / never cleaned / kotoranya let it accumulate in the guarantee will smell . If it smells definitely criticized other family members .

This cage cleaning activities can all drink to clean up the place , replacing the drinking water , check to tersedian feed , feed more than two days remaining in the flue must be replaced with a new one . So it’s important to figure out the how many birds eat in a day if necessary give pakanya in pint , it is a pity that a lot of wasted feed .

Once everything feels wrong then caged in kerodong . It is important to mengkerodong tujuanya cage so the bird is free from mosquito bites and cold .

Hanging cage should also be in place seteril of pests , such as ants and mice so find a safe place from pests . I myself would hang in the kitchen birds lined up on a bamboo splinter that is prepared .
Every hobby certainly there are risks , so be prepared to bear all the risks that arise from the hobby .( Read: sangkar burung kacer )

Okay so this time hopefully post to be useful .


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