Method To Produce Livestock weaver ants Kroto Super


In Raising weaver ants there are several methods , but most pensuplay Kroto still using the old method ( traditional ) methods as for it is :


1 . The traditional method

In this method there is almost no direct human intervention . Ants alone and allowed to breed humans just take the result . for example ; which is now mostly done by Kroto picker . He’s just looking for an existing tree nest and take Kroto semutnya there . Sometimes can be overwhelming , but often just get a few results per weaver ant nest . If the nest is taken then he should find a new nest in order to obtain Kroto again .( Read: budidaya kroto )

advantages :

No need to bother to administer
Without the need to feed
The place is already available in nature

The downside :

Results can not be predicted / expected before
Still affected by natural weather conditions
It is difficult to breed
It should still seek to forest Forest

2 . Methods Semi Traditional

In this method have been no human intervention . But only a little , because most still rely for the preservation of nature weaver ants . Usually this method is that the planters that use ants to keep the trees from being attacked plant pests . Planters gave way ants move and evolve in order to place a new or desirable planters . In addition planters also feed ants with kitchen scraps . With this method the results to be expected and much more than the traditional method .

advantages :

The place is already available in nature
Care only sideline

The downside :

Still affected by natural weather conditions
It is difficult to breed
Require a long time to succeed
Require Special Attention To Protected from wild predators

3. Methods of Modern

In modern methods of livestock weaver ants almost no interference from nature. Ants almost 100% dependent on the farmer in terms of obtaining shelter, food and nutrition intake. Even ants breed until generations, have never seen a tree. An example of this method is the use of weaver ants cattle Method Developed Kroto Research Institute of Aquaculture weaver ants using modern methods.


Does not require the garden
Not Require The Area
Small Capital ( Read: beternak kroto )
Small Maintenance Costs
The results could have been predicted
The harvest period can be set 2 weeks 1 month can be
Does not depend on weather conditions / natural
Ants already in localization so do not go anywhere
Easy way Kroto Yield management and clean
Kroto Generate Quality of Super


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