Info Bird National Competition in Surabaya

brosur lomba burungChirping Mania Surabaya will have gawe ( event ) large mid 2014 ‘s , a group of bird lovers who are members will hold an event Bird National Level Competition held at the Marine Education Command Field Jl . Gunung Sari – Surabaya on June 15, 2014 . Competition birds often abbreviated to Latber , Latpres , but this time the race nationwide class , entitled STOP PRESS . ( Read: kontes burung kicau )

The original plan there are rumors stating when events of National Level Latpres is going to be held by the BNR and , but in the last brochure I received , no logos or words BNR in the brochure , whether chirping mania will hold its own event this . we wait for more info .

To Chirping Mania in Surabaya especially hope the success of this event by presence in the field of the sari mountain marines , in general this time I expect support from all the chirping mania in Indonesia . ( Read: perawatan burung lomba )

We certainly hope that hobbyists began humming bird stone , lovebird , green cucak , kacer , cendet , walnuts on the island of Java , Sumatra , Borneo can attend full team so this event more festive . Security is guaranteed safe because the Marines are in the field of Surabaya .




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