Birds Blackthroat – Serinus Atrogularis

Birds Asalmuasal Blackthroat is derived from the Continent Africa , these birds introduced in Indonesia and was brought by the Dutch supposedly said .

These birds come into the category of the nation Passeriformes san subbangsa Passeres or in other words songbirds , so it is only natural that blackthroat bird has a very beautiful voice and singing , and the birds come into Fringilidae countrymen Walnuts .

( read: burung kenari blackthroat )



There are two types Blackthroat located in Indonesia , namely blackthroat brown and gray – white to gray or grayish white .

The most sought after are usually colored gray because the color white looks cleaner and proportional body seem mismatched but these two species both have loud voices and loud as well ngeroll .

Keep in mind this many birds in Java , Bali , Borneo , Sumatra, and even to China , India and Africa .

Life and habitat in forest wasteland and make a nest of grass and dry leaves , and the habits of this bird is always perched at the top of a very tall trees , this custom to signify that it is his territory and to attract females blackthroat .

Nature of polygamy so that the birds can be mated with more than one female and therefore many of the breeders in the lucrative nature of this stud .

In addition to Blackthroat inbred females the male can also inbred with birds such as canaries , herdasanger , Mozambique , or it could be a bird Wren .

Different Male and Female Birds Blackthroat can be seen from :

Blackthroat Males :
Strapping Agency and length of about 12cm .
Ribbon at neck solid black .
Large head and rather long .
Surface protruding anus , and there is a bulge of green beans with fur rawis .
Thick beak .
Loud voice , ngerol and not disjointed and have variations and volume loud chirp and thick .
Long Neck .
Blackthroat Females :
Posture slightly rounded with a size similar to the male .
Ribbon at the neck sketchy .
The head is small and round .
Anus flat surface and only a hole for discharge .
Thin beak .
Monotonous chirp variation and volume tends to thin or small .
Has a short neck .
It was mostly about the differences between male and female Blackthroat , which may be made ​​in reference .


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