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Previously I apologize to all bloggers who are still using version Free ( Free , No Upgrades ) on these tips . Because I still need proof that not only the origin of the story .

Ok , we all know that WordPress is very forbid any kind of advertising or affiliate ( Link reveral , PPC , etc. ) in his blog is still a free version ( ) . It was also a time to make me doubt if I will use WordPress or Blogspot at the first time will create a blog , lucky existence and categories on the sidebar can make me fall in love with WordPress . Well , for those of you who are also lovers but also lovers of free wordpress and want to earn money like WordPress paid , if interested let’s follow way I get the dollar coins through my free wordpress blog .

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cara menghasilkan uang dar

1 . Preparation

– Make sure you ‘ve got a blog on , for example my ” http: // rthtdf . wordpress . com/ ”
– Create a blog account at Http  : / / Goblog . com , for example my Blog http: // ucupbudug . gadgetblog . com


Why you should have an account in Blog ? The answer is yes if you want to earn money , because Post in can get the money, so every 1000 visitor ( Visitor) your blog , then you will get $ 2 USD , and the money can be in the melt if the minimum cash offer of $ 25 USD . There are many options suffix of your blog your blog here by category , for example : , , , , etc. . For example I use is http: // ucupbudug . gadgetblog . com Gadgetblog . com , pulling Goblog . com not a reveral links or PPC such as Http :/ / that your blog will surely jailed for life by wordpress guard if used .

If both the preparation of the above , let us now go to the core of our discussion this time .

2 . How to get Money ( USD ) in a free wordpress blog

1 . Make any URL in the Link Download

This means that every time you post a new article about the Download File in a WordPress blog , the download link in the post in the blog post . How it works closely with Http :/ /

Suppose your wordpress blog posts in any posts or DOWNLOAD click here then addressed the link to the blog posts on your . Well then Click Here or DOWNLOAD in original download link is a link , for example a link to

2 . Makes as Source or sources

By the time you write a post or Copy Edits results from other sites , would write the word Source or Source http: // blablabla , the link is first transferred to a new then you Url to the source . In the post up to you want to write what could only posts CLICK TO CONTINUE or Url his name , it’s up to you . How it works the same as No. 1 .

3 . Make a sign of gratitude

If WordPress has paid Ads or ads , then you also have a free blog . In contrast to the paid wordpress just wish there was a visitor clicking on Ads Ads or her , then you are so honest blogger .

For example : When you make an article about whether it’s Education , short story , news or other, then at the end of the article you always add ” Click on the dong bro , let me more spirit for writing ” or ” CLICK YES AS A SIGN OF THANKS ” , all up to you .

4 . Make a PHOTO URL

If you want to link a photo every post on your WordPress blog , why not upload it on the Post New Blog you ? Grab the URL and link it to a wordpress post . Not infrequently tablets that clicking the IMAGE in your post . Hmm can the dollar again .

In addition , if your post is mostly about sharing files , you can download the file at http: // ziddu . com , Ziddu Unlimited upload a file server that will pay $ 0001 every time there is a download ( download ) file that you uploaded . Waww the more money you ya 🙂

Note Screenshot of the Dashboard in my Blog . Encouragement not only to show off .

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So the plot of the above steps will be like this every time visitors click on your wordpress blog . – > – > Link SOURCE Url / Link Url DOWNLOAD

Well , hopefully ya know . If it is still lacking , ask dikolom comments .

Hopefully useful and becomes a spirit .


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