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After struggling with writing on How to Take Care of Sparrows , Canary Bird and Bird prenjak / Ciblek this time I want to open a new lock on Bird Cendet / pentet / Toet / Bentet which is a smart bird predators . Pentet bird habitats are in the shrub forest , rice fields and forest edge fringe , but his skill in hunting prey and imitating various types of voice is the main attraction for bird watchers .

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Cendet bird ( Lanius Schach ) is one of the trends of bird species continues to rise from year to year , this bird is tame emotions exciting art treatment for Cendet Mania , so the flock of bird – like bird enthusiasts bondonglah cendet . Various people like cendet birds , so in eastern Java was as a group hell because every race gantangan there will always be full or at least 90 % charged .


Bird Character Cendet
Ferocious when hungry . Bird Cendet will apply aggressive when hungry .
Fighter has territorial . When hearing the sound of another bird or birds look similar , then the spirit of direct combat raged .
B’rahi which tend to rise . Birds Cendet very easy ride lust , many causes that can make lust rise in this type of bird . Dress EF ( Extra Fooding ) is over , excessive drying or other Cendet see birds , can quickly raise the level of lust .
Easy to tame . Due to the high beradaptasinya ability , it is easy to tame birds to humans so that these birds seem spoiled when continued indulgence .
Easy Stress , especially for the young birds are less maintenance and have poor mental , but with intensive care birds can quickly adapt to stress .
So that the birds are not easily stressed and have a territorial bird feel as Indonesia, the birds must often invited gathering together cendet mania , often invited to place road race so accustomed to hearing birds chirping of various birds and bustling atmosphere around the race . With frequently invited mental exercise , then gradually Cendet birds will have good mental so willing to sing wherever the place .

Bird Food Cendet / pentet
In the wild these birds are ferocious predators , so it will eat a variety of insects and small animals , such as :
various caterpillars
small lizard
Orong – orong
Small birds ( pleci , prenjak , finches ) .
In the treatment , the birds can be fed in the form pentet voer and various types of insects bred birds and eggs Ants ( Kroto ) – in the case in the wild are very rare and almost impossible to take a bird pentet Kroto because it is very difficult to get it , let alone nest Kroto will be maintained by ant rang -rang inhospitable .

Breeding Bird Cendet / pentet
The mating season or period of breeding birds cendet will occur at the beginning of the dry season , because the nest where the eggs , incubate and raise a baby cendet shaped bowl made ​​of grass and small twigs fault . Breeding females capable of laying between 2-4 grains , but very often encountered hatch between 2-3 grains alone .

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The bowl -shaped nest will usually be placed in the bush who never passed a predator , or will be put branched shoots of bamboo , mango , tamarind , and various other high trees that are not easily accessible by hunters .

Up here our first discussion about Bird pentet / Cendet , I will continue again on the next record on Bird Care Cendet and future business prospects .




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