Being Kacer Bird gacor in Short Time

Kacer Bird owned Bang Jimel are now sold at a handsome profit after caring for approximately 1.5 months , bought from his friend who was initially not much sound , even the sound only in moderation .

kacer-jantan( Read: Harga Burung Kacer )

Originally by the previous owner , because you do not understand how to care for birds kacer so gacor even been treated with daily care , and ultimately redeemed by the owner only added to the bird trucukan and money amounting to Rp 200 thousand , but
after moving into the hands of bang Jimel taken care of and treated in such a way that it becomes a bird Kacer very gacor and very intriguing person who saw it .

What ‘s the secret? it turns out there are tricks performed by Jimel bang that had dihare to us that :

Expand the form Kroto feeding every day , morning and afternoon 1 tablespoon 1 tablespoon bahklan well as during the day exhausted bang Jimel said though the portions are not given too much in the morning and afternoon , until there is a change of the bird , but still provide the main food that is voer , if it is already ngevoer .

The second step is approximated by a bird of the opposite sex ie female birds , but the distance is not too close that is cultivated About a 2-3 meter , what the goals and objectives ? intent and purpose is when the male bird kacer that every day is always dijor by Kroto will arise lust of the birds so high that when looking at the opposite sex , then the male will automatically eject the original sound and will also automatically create the male always chirping , as if to invite flirt with the female . ( Read: burung kacer )

The next process after gacor is , reduce piecemeal granting Kroto , but does not delete the provision Kroto , because too many Kroto administration is also not good for the physical and psychic bird , because somehow still have a balanced feeding for birds , must mememnuhi needs birds , from calories , protein , vitamins , minerals , and others .


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