Identifying disease canaries

Identifying disease canaries ( ocehankenari ) – Every living creature did not escape from the disease , as are the canaries . some colleagues often ask me how measures to deal with a sick canary canary treat all measures of central pain . to answer the question is of course not easy.

canary probiotic

In this article I introduce pingin first description of the cause of disease in canaries . expressly disease spread walnuts may be because of many factors with special includes:
Virus. disease in walnut due to a virus has a very important impact in any rapidly spreading and can infect birds or other living creatures . walnut illness due to influenza virus among others , orithosis and new castle .

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Bacteria . canaries can then contracted by bacteria , bad bacteria . disease often suffer from walnut only be because of bacteria such as diarrhea and tbc .
Mushrooms . This parasite usually attacks the respiratory and digestive tract moreover . fungi often cause swelling of the respiratory tract canary . fungus was able to strike out the side like a full leg and side of the eyelids.

Amoebae and protozoa. generally in the form of cysts and invade canary fixed time in the eggs . impacts resulting from acute illustrious past in which walnuts were experiencing bleeding in the body .
Mites. myriad of species of insects and heat resistant . some type of mites that attack walnuts namely red mites , feather mites and mites guil . These mites are easily available when the situation cage / cage is not clean .
worms . often also described as wormy disease . several types of worms that can attack canary namely : Tapeworms , roundworms and hair worms .
lice. These little creatures can cause hair loss as well as canary canary so so itchy . in principle be sucking lice belong canary to parasitic organisms .

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To address some of the disease on the required attention and good treatment . cover the care and attention to the intensity of the situation that always healthy birds . Good treatment can include cleanliness of the barn , feed well, vit . as well as adequate nutrition and sufficient drying .


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