7 Tricks Gmail for Business More Productive

7 Tricks Gmail for Business More Productive
Gmail is one of the best email storage solution for small businesses . This service offers a free account , large deviation space , advanced security features and much more . But behind the minimalist Gmail view , there are dozens of hidden features that can increase your productivity . Here are 7 tricks to process your Gmail into an email service that is able to accommodate your productivity .

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1 . The Priority Inbox
Email is not essential to give effect to lazy to work everyday you . However , Gmail can help you by providing knowledge of the emails that are considered important and not . By selecting the menu Priority Inbox from the Settings menu , then Gmail will work automatically selects the most urgent messages in your inbox and place it on the top row . This feature uses information gathered from everyday use you to evaluate the importance of each incoming email , including who often make the purpose of sending you e-mail your friend and who is your favorite chat , or words that tend to appear in the received message so you can read it first. If Gmail make a mistake , you can give an indication of the important messages they will be so I understand your priorities . The more feedback you provide , then your Inbox will be more intelligent . I think this concept is very brilliant and pity to miss .

2 . Organize calendar and to- do lists
Running a business means requires responsibility every day . Instead of looking for a piece of paper for your business agenda , Gmail can help you remind agenda – an agenda vital that you have. To get started , simply click the down arrow near the top left corner of your Gmail inbox , and select Task . Task Manager allows you to easily add items to a to-do list and check it again until your task is complete . By setting a deadline for the task , it will be automatically added to the Google Calendar . As the deadline approached , Gmail will send a reminder message .

3 . More professional email address
Because you work hard to look professional , then get an email address that helps realize your hard work . By subscribing to Google Apps for Business , you can customize the email address to be something that reflects your brand . From the email that named namaanda@gmail.com , your Gmail address can be namaanda@perusahaananda.com . With a professional email address , any messages that you send will appear more professional and more reliable . But this feature can not be had for free . Only companies subscribed to the Google Apps for Business can get customized email addresses , among other amenities . This service has a cost of $ 50 per year for each user .

4 . Send large files with Google Drive
Sometimes you need to send large files . Is it a video presentation for the next meeting or a large PDF containing the latest expense report from your company . Most email services can only attach a file of 25MB . But Gmail can collaborate with Google Drive to enable you to send larger files . Gmail lets you attach files up to 10GB , so long as they are uploaded to Google Drive first . Google Drive is a cloud hosting platform owned by Google . To use this feature , simply click the drive while it is open in your Gmail compose window , then select the file you want to upload .

5 . Send Canned Response to frequently asked questions
Having your own business means ready to get a lot of response / responses . But busy entrepreneurs do not always have time to arrange a personal response to every email . By enabling the Canned Response in Gmail , you can save frequently written message , and select one of the New Compose window . It can save time replying to the same question or problem throughout the day . To enable this feature , navigate to the Gmail Labs tab in the Settings menu , then enable Canned Responses . When you are ready to make a special message , just type into Gmail Compose panel . Select the direction of the arrow in the lower right corner and save it under the Canned Responses . Select the message from the same window when you are ready to send your feedback .

6 . Inbox Delegate to the assistant
If you are out of town or very busy , you can grant access to employees to your Gmail account . Navigate to the Account tab in Gmail Settings menu , click Add Account and enter the email addresses of other users to grant access . Every email sent from your account with other users will show the sender as : Your Name ( sent by Delegate ) . Once granted , access to your inbox can be revoked at any time . This feature is a great way to keep your inbox smoothly with the help of your assistant .

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7 . Managing multiple inboxes from one Gmail account
Sophisticated business owners certainly have more than one email address . Become hassle if you have to frequently switch between multiple addresses and private addresses of different companies . Gmail gives you the facility to manage multiple accounts from within a single interface . To enable this feature , navigate to the Settings tab , and click the ” Check mail from other accounts . ” After that , Gmail will automatically retrieve messages from another account . The messages can be read and replied taken from the main account .


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