How to Success Cultivation Bird Love Bird

Side Businesses – How to Succeed Raising Birds Love Bird desire to innovate Business That Wants forward and Growing , make our interest into seoarang skilled entrepreneurs , independent and Success . Always try and do is the thing that is important for us to plan and Learn the Tricks and tips A Business A , and At this time I Share Information About World Poultry Livestock Against Bird LoveBird .

For beginners, it is easy to love bird breeding , breeders will not eat this bird hassles affair because not eat crickets . For that we just discussed how to raise love bird with ease . very easy and very Efficient . he he ..

How to Success Cultivation Bird Love Bird

Points – Points Livestock should We Love Bird Watch from the beginning :
How to make love bird cage :
Prepare only the ram wire or iron cage 50x50x50 cm size can be occupied by a pair of love bird .
Do not forget to prepare the bird nesting boxes made ​​of wood the size of 25x20x25 cm .
Prepare the perch , to friends Make Friends do once the cage sticking Like this , but this is an example .

lovebird cage

How to Select a lovebird breeders :
Lovebird began around the age of 7 months earning upwards . While that has aged 3 years or older is less productive again . To purchase should Lovebird us to places that are well known breeders would love bird quality sells.

How to Distinguish Love male and female :

How to Distinguish Love males and females
The easiest way to distinguish between love bird love bird male and female is to examine cupit section located below the anus lovebird . Then we touch , when the taper , tight and hard then most likely it is a stud while if the claws blunt , wide , and then it’s mushy love bird is a female . Other traits are being Sexual arousal female lovebird will mengumpulkanbahan nest material in tuck under his wing before being taken into the nest box . that differentiate based on his beak , lovebird we take the age and we see that part of the base to the tip tends to taper the love bird ‘s beak males but that tends to widen mean love bird females .
Feeding Method :
Feeding quality will also affect the offspring Love bird , many types of
feed that is often used is a corn farmer , sprouts , mustard greens , sunflower seeds because the feed can increase the feed lovebird lust .

Placement in the Cage Lovebird way :
Two ways to raise that with love bird colonies or individual cages in a pair of 1 Coop . The weakness of the colony system is rather difficult to trace our lineage while individually we more easily trace his lineage . Excess individually placement is easier for us to experiment to find the new variant . Lovebird Cage placement is in a wooden box with a size of 80cm x 40cm x 40cm
How To Prepare Ahead of Reproduction :

To be prepared is to bertelor glodok box and incubate . glodok place generally made ​​with wood , while the nest material made ​​from dried corn husk . Love bird eggs usually range from 4-6 points . Love Bird incubating period is for 21 to 23 days . after the birds hatched male and female parent will feed their children in turn. Around the age of 6 to 8 mingggu puppies start out of the nest . ( Read: jenis lovebird )

after lovebird chicks can feed themselves then take chicks love bird and separate from the parent so that the parent can get back to reproduce . If the parent does not want to overfeed or feed their chicks then immediately take suapi then our own . The boxes for puppies is sized 40cm x 40cm x 40cm in the complete 5 -watt light bulb to warm the lovebird chicks . suapi lovebird chicks every 2 hours once pap SUN with green beans . slurry viscosity adjusted with the age of tillers , the more mature the pulp that we give more viscous . After the chicks aged 3 or 4 weeks we started practicing by giving other foods just as fruits , vegetables , millet and other foods .

Several Ways That Successful Farming Bird Love Bird hopefully can help you start a new business with a turnover of tens of millions of dollars .




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