Causes of Bird Ciblek Loss and How to Overcome

One of the problems often experienced ciblek mania was originally diligent bird sounds or sudden gacor sound lazy , or even jam sound , up to several days . Birds that should be able to entertain its owners, uh … even make the employer dizzy . However , this is a hobby and an art risk birds chirp . If able to overcome every obstacle , will eventually bring inner satisfaction as well . What is the cause of bad ciblek sound , and also how to solve it?

There are several factors that cause ciblek jam sound . Here are some of the most common factors : ( Read: ciblek betina )

Bird was not / less fit , either because before the moult / replace feathers , the bird is ill or recovering from illness .
Birds under stress due to changes in patterns of care , or because the activity of the shower – irregular drying .
Bird deficient protein intake of extra fooding ( EF ) as Kroto and crickets .
Birds drop mentally , especially after a race / latber , or discharged ditrek with ciblek owned your friends .
Bird boredom . Well , birds are also to be bored ? Not much different from parrots , birds chirp like ciblek can experience boredom due to the atmosphere of the neighborhood he sees it – that’s all . It is often found in ciblek who have maintained long enough . This boredom leads to laziness birds to chirp .
Solutions to overcome the sound of bad ciblek

So , what should be done to address the jammed ciblek sound , or at least sound lazy ? Of course depending on the causes , as described above .

Ciblek that did not go off because the condition is not fit due to adverse weather , or the changing of the seasons as is the case today , can be overcome by storing them in a quiet room , where the wind from outside the cage and did not hit him directly . If necessary , you can attach 5 Watt light bulb above the cage so the bird can gain warmth and fit again soon .

Without realizing it , sometimes there is a quart kicaumania birds at a location close to the source of air pollution , such as waste incinerators , motor workshop / car is often the smoke from the exhaust , close to the factory which have a chimney , and the like .

When only a few months is maintained , the effect was not so pronounced polutant in birds , so the birds are still chirping diligent . But after a long time , because the lungs and air sacs (air sacs ) in the contaminated birds polutanttersebut , birds began to sound lazy , which if not addressed immediately leads to jam sound .

To overcome this , we certainly could not rebuke workshop and factory owners , let alone displacing incinerators are usually owned with the villagers / village . So , reluctantly , we back off .

Move the cage into the house to do the handling . Choose a room that tenang.Jika had recovered , look for the location of a quart less affected by the effects of pollution .

If ciblek mengelami stress-induced changes in patterns of care , it should be immediately returned to the old treatment . If one wants to change the pattern of treatment , with less than the maximum bird performance considerations when using long treatment , it should be done gradually .

For example, birds used to be 5 tail crickets , and you want it down into 3 tailed crickets , this can be done by lowering the tail portion into 4 during the first 1-2 weeks , then reduced again to 3 tails in the next 1-2 weeks .

If the bird has been in the hands gacor since the old owner , and you want to buy , you should first ask the previous owner about how daily care . Although caring for your astute ciblek , not necessarily applicable tips do you have for newly purchased birds and accustomed to certain patterns of care .

It is not easy to detect birds that stress-induced boredom . But , usually , the bird suddenly sound lazy or jammed sound without clinical symptoms / illness specific . For example, the shape and color of normal dirt , there is no interference with the respiratory tract , the bird is not lethargic , both wings still shut good , or good appetite still .

However, birds often silent over tangkrikan , or back and forth down to the bottom of the cage and walked around the bars of the cage , often clinging to the bars of the cage , and the sound would occasionally misfire or even sound . This indicates bird bored with the stress of the environment .

In birds fighter like ciblek , where changes could make it back diligent sound . Therefore , the most appropriate solution is to provide a new atmosphere for your ciblek . For example , often move locations gantangan , at least twice a day , in different places . Can also be varied by using a quart of birds as usual hoist fans turtledove .

Every morning , the usual birds condensed under a shady tree , to create an atmosphere like in the wild . If necessary , the bird was taken out of the house , looking for a large field and a basket under a shady tree . You can wait for him while reading a book , or other activities .

( Read: ciblek sawah )

For ciblek stalled due to drop mentally sound after the race / latber , or ditrek with other ciblek , as well as sound ciblek jammed after the moult , the recommended solution is to perform maintenance in a quiet room , and not to see or hear the sound of other ciblek .

For birds moult towards sound jammed , where fine hairs begin to fall out , is actually nothing to worry about . Importantly , you must be prepared to give special treatment birds moult , so that the process of hair loss and new hair growth can be perfect .




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