Secret Birds pleci Champion

Here it is eagerly awaited by the highest number Pleman or Pleci Mania , Tips that can make Pleci pet becomes Champion at Race Upsss .. before we consider first how to choose pleci ombyokan here then way to distinguish males and females Pleci after the day to day care is also essential therefore consider first the well now lived here his Master ‘s voice .

( Read: video burung pleci )

Already Have Not ? if you already have a live plus , if you are not please download here Free anyway . Download Sound Pleci , when it’s all right now , let’s continue the discussion on How secret to Pleci Champion Champion Pleci diperlombaan Secrets Here :

Pleci bathe at night between the hours of 7-9 nights ( above it can be cold too sad plecinya ) could use spray

after it aired wind bright place for 1 hour with a given 2 tsp fresh Kroto and 3 white caterpillars hongkong ( melungsungi : bhs.jawa )

kerodong aired after cooling it back to rest until morning

fitting already in the field competition , open krodong half and let the sound as much 15-30 menitan then kerodong again

and 5 minutes before the bottom of the cage digantang check cleanliness of food that falls , then grab the food and drink of the caged ( Read: pleci gacor )

2 sessions for the race should spray the bird again 1 hour before the next race turung


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