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Egg food is an important part in the diet of birds , providing high protein for birds and bird race to be bred .

This post eksotismeburung will provide a way to make egg food that is easy and cheap for the type of finch birds such as canaries , parakeets , Wren , finches , Branjangan , churches , dll.Egg food can also be given to other types of birds such as prenjak , ciblek and other insectivorous .

( Read: egg food untuk kenari )



Food recipes for egg only requires simple ingredients and easy to get, but most importantly be well received by burung.Ini is one of the recipes egg food .
Good luck .

The main ingredient is eggs as needed .
How to create , insert eggs into the pan and simmer for 10-12 minutes and cool dinginkan.Setelah peel eggs , while eggs chopped into tender with a fork .
While until finely crushed egg shells and egg mixed into food .
If you want to get mixed up with the addition of crumb of bread crumbs , sunflower seeds that have been mashed , vegetables and fruits that have a small cut , or a few drops of fish oil vitamins .
Store in the refrigerator . ( Read: egg food canary )

For the record eggshell serves as a source of calcium for birds but its use only as needed.
Boil the eggs for too long causes many nutrients are lost and too briefly feared that harmful bacteria are still alive .


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