HOW TO CARE Cucak Ijo diligently BEEPS

There are already chirping beberapat blog article that discusses about how to tips on how to care for the birds chirp either intended or just a hobby that was deliberately kept reserved for the race . As in the prior – previous article and also did not vary much with articles submitted by fans chirping birds that help deliver a fun and mantab tips on how to take care procedures and forms can be diligent hijanu cucak birds chirping and gacor ready to perform in every game held . ( Read: harga cucak ijo )

Here chirp blog will try to convey a bit of my opinion and also in part I took from my friends who readily share tips on how to care for the birds chirp and how that will be discussed here especially birds cucak is green ( cucak ijo ) to diligently Twitter ( gacor ) .

In dasarnaya what I’m going to say this is not much different from the other writers on the procedure for how to take care and be diligent memproes Green Cucak sound and gacor .

Here are simple tips and how to care for cucak green preformance so diligently Twitter ( gacor ) :

1 . Firstly diawalai of how sex selection because usually diligent bird chirping is the male sex , and the bird hobbyist kebanyam already know the characteristics of the difference between male and female birds .

2 . Then bathed each morning bird spray if possible use a spray or splash in order to give more flexibility bird bath which is at about 7AN or depending on the situation or maybe a little more if conditions during the rainy ( rainy season due to chance again ) and do not forget when bath the tube , take the tube back when done bathing .

3 . Perform drying for about 1 hour when the sun is really bright , and may be longer if the sun is not so bright conditions , finished dried and aerated on the terrace .

4 . Provide adequate food as a quality voer ( sorry do not mean promotion : topsong already pretty good ) because there is a stretcher on packaged foods contain vitamins , proteins and other substances needed by birds .

5 . Give extra food on bird or better known as ( EF : Extra Fooding ) like crickets every morning 2-3 tails and 2-3 pm as well as the tail , can also be coupled with caterpillars hongkong quite a tablespoon for 2-3 days and also give a variation of the type EF Kroto other and can also be allowed .

6 . Perform pemasteran sound , either through direct burng sounds such as birds juxtaposed with beautiful and unique voice , but endeavored already gacor , such as starlings suren , starlings bed and board , or other starlings because starlings are already well known for his voice very fast and hard and can also use the sound of birds in the form of an MP3 that has been a champion ( can be downloaded from the Internet ) with the sound settings that can make green cucak we can practice and get used to the sound .

7 . And last but not least create an atmosphere around the house is arranged friendly against avian bird means not to feel uncomfortable , annoyed with the teaser that was deliberately teasing or because they do not know and just want fun, then if such a thing can sought to be avoided for the sake of convenience of the bird , as it will affect the physical and psychic bird itself and will indirectly affect the sound quality and the art and the chatter of birds .

Care for race preparation

How to care for cucak green bird is not really much competition is not the same as a daily treatment . maintenance purposes at this step to prepare the bird that has a desired level of desire and stamina have stabilized . key to the success of the treatment of race – cii know both the basic characteristics of each bird .

Below is how to care for the bird race suits for green cucak cucak green bird :
h – 3 before the race , so the crickets can be raised 10 am and 6 tails tails afternoon .
h – 2 before the race , well dried bird maximum of 30 minutes .
1 hour prior to the time the race digantang , give crickets and caterpillars hongkong 3 tails 10-20 .
if a bird can fall race back , give crickets 1 tail again .

Do not bathe the bird at a time in the field , because it can make the bird lust so highly unstable .

Give opportunities for adapting the bird briefly on the situation in the field , so that the birds are not surprised .

Treatment Post Contest

Treatment of post race actually plays recover stamina and restore the physical state bird .

Under this pattern of care and post- race suits for cucak green bird :
– Portion ef suits returned to daily .
– Give multivitamins in drinking water at +1 h after the race .
– Up to +3 h after the race , drying maximum of 30 minutes .

Care When Using moult

Moult ( molting ) or hair loss is a natural cycle of the bird family . bird care during moult into a subject that is very necessary , because if the wrong treatment at this time can make birds so damaged . during the moult , the bird ‘s body metabolism increased nearly 40 % of the normal state . by because it is , birds need good quality nutrition intake with the larger portion of the normal state . stay away from bird to bird brings a kind , because to make the process of moult so disturbed . This is the effect of hormonal imbalance in the body of the bird . moult process is also associated with reproductive hormones .

Under this treatment pattern moult time :

Place the bird in a quiet area , away from the highway man . The good bird dikerodong more and more in the state . Pretty 1x bath and drying 1 week only a maximum of 30 minutes / day
provision of the portion given more and more because the ef is needed for the formation of new cells and for the development of new feathers . example : crickets suits contrived tail 5 am and 5 pm tail , Kroto 1 tablespoon each morning and caterpillars hongkong 3 tails each morning . Bberikanlah quality multivitamin combined in drinking water 2x 1 week . Expand the provision of papaya fruit , papaya fruit because the most easily digested by the body’s metabolic processes launch birds . besides papaya fruit contains a lot of vitamin lot . c which can help increase endurance bird . Do pemasteran . time to make the birds moult more at rest as well as heard . this is an appropriate time for the contents match the tonal variety that we want . pemasteran do with fit , match cii – tone characteristics and the type of bird to bird ringing master . ( Read: cucak ijo trotol )

So my tips may be useful , and basically tips that way does not have to do the same multak percis as I say because it depends on the conditions , situations and our patience and perseverance in giving attention to our pets .

Good luck and good luck .


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