Super rare red Canaries

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Fake red walnut is difficult to distinguish from the original . ‘ Even the false color is sometimes more striking , ‘ said breeder canary in Gunungbatu , Cimahi , Bandung regency , it . Though false color red canary yellow would come back after he moult molt alias and have children . ‘ The original color after a moult , the better , ‘ said Ahmad Sofyan , walnut lovers in Central Jakarta . (see also: jenis burung kenari )

The red color in red walnut false obtained by feeding the rich beta-carotene such as tomatoes , carrots , and red peppers . Alternatively, give the synthetic pigment . The latter opposed by many hobbyists because if over dose ( OD ) of beta-carotene pigment trigger liver and kidney disorders birds , until walnuts barren .

Red siskin

Currently holding the original red walnut difficult to find in the market . Unlike the situation about 7 years ago when he first appeared in the homeland . Original red walnut easily found even though the price is high , Rp 5 – million – Rp 6 – million per head , “said Eko Yafri Darmojo , red canary breeders in Cimahi . Another canary range 50,000 per head .
Walnuts became popular for its beautiful red color . Because much sought hobbyists , many breeders choose instant and inexpensive way to print red walnut figure : wearing synthetic pigments . Therefore it becomes a rare original red walnut displaced by the type of fake . ‘ Many hobbyists hesitate to buy : whether the sale was genuine or fake red canary ? ‘ Said Ahmad who ‘ve duped bought fake walnut .

Indeed the original red walnut is a hybrid . Elders called red factor canary because it is a reddish orange yellow canary Serinus canaria female and male red siskin finch Carduellis cucullata from Venezuela . ‘ Red siskin is used to insert the gene for red color that is not owned walnut , ‘ said Yafri .

To produce the red color more firmly and evenly – hereinafter referred to intensive red – Wiga canary red factor crossed with one parent . However , a problem arises because the red siskin purchased majority barren . ‘ The fertile only 1 of the 40 tail , ‘ he said . Descendants red and red siskin factor called black red and then crossed again with the red factor .

After passing 4 times crosses , red walnut intensive arise . ‘ The percentage is 30 % , ‘ said Wiga . The remaining 60 % red and 10 % factor frost red hairy orange mottled white . The same is done Yafri . The difference, he crossed a direct descendant of black with red and red factor canary intensive red .


Walnut body length reaches 14 cm it can be a parent at the age of 7-8 months . Males can be bred at the age of 10-12 months . Much slower than the male canary yellow are ready to mate at the age of 8 months . Eggs incubated for 15 days , and 25 days later the bird is ready to marry again .

According Wiga , so good walnut coat color , health avian origin Canary Island on the Atlantic Ocean that must be maintained . The trick , dried walnuts 2 times a week for 2 hours . Wiga put the cage in the room so that the transparent roof sunlight into the cage in the morning . In addition , walnuts are fed nutritious consisting of millet seeds , fresh cabbage leaves , and half a hard-boiled quail eggs . Feed as it guarantees fiber and protein needs are met birds . (see also: suara burung kenari )

Other feed , carrots every week to keep your eyes healthy and prevent colds can make a bird’s eye puffiness . ‘ Carrot quite 2 and boil your knuckles , ‘ said Wiga . With good care , it’s a beautiful canary can live up to 10 years .


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