This phrase has been hijacked MH370 So Instructions

KUALA LUMPUR – The last sentence arising from the cockpit of Malaysia Airlines MH370 ” all right , good night” ( good , good night ) uttered after someone on the plane began to turn off one of the best electronic tracking system .

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Malaysian officials , as quoted by Reuters , said that neither the time nor the informal form of the sentence was delivered to the aircraft control tower . Sentences appear so MH370 which brought 239 men left the Malaysian air space on a flight to Beijing March 8 .
This sentence reinforces the suspicion of piracy or sabotage . The instructions came after one of the aircraft data communication system that tracked beyond radar range , has been deliberately turned off , said Transportation Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Malaysia .

” The answer to your question is yes , it is turned off earlier , ” he told reporters answer the question whether the ACARS system is a computer – keepers who send back data about the status of aircraft – has been turned off before the sound of the cockpit up .

Hugh Dibley , a former British Airways pilot and of the Royal Aeronautical Society experts reveal , this pilot informal sentence against standard radio procedures that required him to read back the instruction to contact the control center to enter the aircraft call sign ,

Investigators studying the possibility of recording for each cue psychological distress and determine the identity of the transmitter of sound . They want to ascertain whether the flight deck has been taken over by pirates or by the pilot himself .

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Investigators continue to explore Malaysian background MH370 both pilots , crews and ground staff who worked for the Boeing 777 – 200ER lost it to gain clues as to why someone in a plane flying the plane until several thousand miles of track.

Source:http://www. merdeka .com/


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