Kenyan officials equipped 450 iPad, Indonesia when?

Tablets in today’s increasingly becoming an idol . Not just a businessman , student , students , and even state officials was almost all interested in this device .

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An alert from Phone Arena ( 21/1 ) , states that the Kenyan lawmakers in the state will be equipped with 450 units of Apple iPad to support their performance replace the papers which are considered outdated .

It is said also , the state issued a cost of USD 350 thousand , equivalent to USD 4.2 billion to bring the Apple -made tablet .

According to them , using the tablet is practical and efficient way , because it does not have to bother to use a lot of paper and make the office so violent . ” Instead of having to print schedules , bills , or other purposes with the use of paper , it is better to use a tablet , more modern as well , ” said a spokesman for Kenya MPs .

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If Kenya iPad dare provides facilities for members of parliament in the country , maybe it could be an example that they are going to make the tablet for work purposes . If it is done to Indonesia , about how it would be ?



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