Samsung Galaxy S5 home look very elegant and stunning!

Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy S5. A smartphone is a dream of almost everyone in this world. Many people are talking about this handset, although until now the Samsung has not revealed explicitly linked the Galaxy S5.

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But recently a leak back hit the fans. A display of the Samsung Galaxy S5 home unfolds with elegant design and stunning, as quoted from Ubergizmo (20/1).

This as mentioned earlier, the home screen consists of a claimed S5 Galaxy card column, in which the display to show off your online information about the message, such as sports, flight schedules, social contacts, schedule meetings, and so on. Is this similar to the Windows Phone Metro UI?

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But certainly, this is only a rumor only. The possibility is still not completely certain. Could be right, could be wrong. So, what you like to look like the Galaxy S5



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