Hooray, Still Supports Microsoft Malware applications on Windows XP

Windows XP 12 -year -old is still a favorite operating system that is used both PC users around the world . Its popularity has been eclipsed by its successor , Windows 7 .

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Previously , Microsoft has announced it will discontinue support for Windows XP and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014. However, Microsoft announced , anti – malware application contained in XP will still be supported by Microsoft until July 14, 2015 .

Of course this is a good news for the home consumer , because free antivirus applications Microsoft Security Essentials will still get updates for Windows XP after support ends .

While enterprise customers , the same also applies to the software System Center Endpoint Protection , Forefront Client Security , Forefront Endpoint Protection , Windows Intune and running with Windows XP .

As reported by The Next Web , Wednesday ( 15/01/2014 ) , currently Microsoft are in a wedged position . On the one hand they have to lead in order for consumers and businesses to leave Windows XP to safer products again by ending support .

While on the other hand , out there are still many users of Windows XP where if left alone without support , it will be dangerous .

Microsoft claims to have done research results show the effectiveness of anti – malware in operating systems no longer supported turned out to be limited .

Some suggestions are recommended Microsoft , among others , using more modern software which has the latest security technology and still have regular updates , perform security updates on a regular basis , and using the latest antivirus software .

With these options , users of Windows XP only has the last option , which uses the latest antivirus . Research institute Gartner predicts about 15 percent of middle-class and enterprise companies are still using Windows XP .

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In offices , at least 10 percent of the computers owned still using the OS that is identical to the desktop image , the green hills and the blue sky .




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