COS, Linux-Based Mobile Operating System Made in China

COS , a Linux -based mobile operating system has been announced by the Chinese government recently .

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As reported by IntoMobile , COS ( Chinese Operating System) was launched as a joint effort between a company named Shanghai Liantong , ISCAS ( Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences ) , and the Chinese government .

Currently there is not a vendor -related news which are ready to adopt the new operating system . However , HTC is touted as one of the vendors who are ready to support the new platform .

In a commentary , the party that represents the COS stated that they are still working with a number of partners to focus and do not want to comment on speculation put any other operating system .

The presence of a Linux -based COS was allegedly in an attempt to block the foreign operating system , in addition to presenting a better localization , such as input languages ​​, cloud services as well as on stage monetization .

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More than that the idea to make the platform more open than iOS , Windows Phone , and Android , so as to leave a gap for the government to conduct surveillance . With his own platform , of the Chinese government to improve its capability to peer mobile users in the country , much as is done in the U.S. NSA .




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