3D TV Without Glasses Indeed Tempting, But Can Damage Eyes?

3D TV technology continues to evolve. Once able to offer a different experience when watching TV with Active 3D technology and Passive 3D glasses over, then comes the 3D TV technology without glasses.

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The technology was developed to meet the needs of home entertainment that is free of technical obstacles. 3D TV without glasses who first attended in Indonesia was Toshiba Regza RZ1, which launched in mid-2012. REGZA RZ1 is the development of 3D TV without glasses, REGZA GL1, which was first launched in Japan in late 2011.

In contrast to other 3D TVs, this TV has the REGZA Engine technology Cevo Duo S that can generate 9 parallax images. 9 parallax images are projected on a quad full HD panel that passes through the lens lentikular and then forwarded to the eye continuously to create the 3D effect.

Interestingly, the panel on the Regza Full HD quad RZ1 capable of producing quality images four times sharper than other full HD panel resolution and can convert images from 2D to 3D in real time.

Health Disturb 3D TV?
3D TV technology is very seductive eyes, but many consider that the 3D TV without glasses or goggles may interfere with a person’s health. Citing the page PC Authority, on Friday (01/17/2014), some health problems that may arise are visually impaired.

Dr.. Roger Phelps said, it simply does not happen to everyone. Some patients experience fatigue or dizziness declared after watching a 3D movie and most say queasy when watching 3D movies.

According to Phelps, it depends on each individual. There are people who are not able to have a balanced binocular vision.

“In many cases, patients have binocular vision is slightly different, resulting in the use of two eyes is not ideal,” added Phelps.

In line with Phelps, Dr. Andrew Weil, MD on his website stating that it still has not been proven scientifically. The phenomenon that occurs in a handful of people while watching a 3D movie, he said, are not unusual.

Sales Still Weak
Although 3D TVs present a tremendous sensation, but in fact this technology is still not ideal for watching movies, which may be caused by health issues above. As a result, the growth of the global 3D TV sales volume to remain weak until 2013.

The manufacturers claim television, 3D TV could present a more realistic experience when used for watching movies, sporting events, or even play games. However, the research firm Allied Business Intelligence (ABI) 3D TV judge is not able to present the same 3D experience with 3D cinema, which has a much larger screen size.

“The success of 3D movies in theaters encourage TV manufacturers offer 3D TV. Unfortunately, the 3D movie that looks terrible in theaters did not offer the same sensation when watched on a television screen,” says senior analyst with ABI Research Inc., Michael Inouye, as quoted from PC Advisor page.

Inouye predicts that global sales volume of 3D TVs in 2015 is only able to reach 50 million units. However, since the 3D TV sales are not growing quite well in 2013, it estimates it certainly will not be realized.

Cinema 3D Without Glasses
In addition to 3D TV, a team of researchers at Seoul National University, South Korea also had to develop the technology of 3D cinema without the need for glasses. The BBC reported, the technology was applied using a special coating so that when people look to the movie screen, a 3D image is created.

Professor John Koshel of Optical Sciences University of Arizona, which monitors the study was explained, the technology of 3D images in cinema is created by using a technique stereocopy projecting a 2D image through a special filter.

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Although several electronics companies are already producing 3D TV without glasses, but technology can not be applied to an audience numbering in the tens or hundreds of such cinema. Thus the research team adjusts wider coverage. (Isk)




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