BlackBerry is a mobile device that has the ability to push e-mail, telephone, text messaging, surfing the Internet, messenger (BlackBerry Messenger / BBM), and various other wireless capabilities. The use of this sophisticated gadget so phenomenal lately, until it becomes a necessity for fashion. BlackBerry was first introduced in 1999 by the Canadian company, Research In Motion (RIM). His ability to convey information over the wireless data networks of mobile phone service companies to shock the world.
BlackBerry was first introduced in Indonesia in mid-December 2004 by operator Indosat and Starhub company. Starhub is a manifestation of the company which is the main partner of RIM BlackBerry. BlackBerry market then enlivened by two other major operators in the country namely Excelcom and Telkomsel.
Due to the demands of the government of Indonesia, Blackberry finally opened a representative office in Indonesia in November 2010
The products became the mainstay and made ??the BlackBerry popular in the market is a quick email feature (push e-mail). This product is the title of a quick email because all new emails, contact lists, and schedule information (calendar) “displayed” directly into the BlackBerry automatically.
As was mentioned above about the advantages of the BlackBerry, the push e-mail. With push e-mail all incoming e-mails can be forwarded directly to the phone. E-mail also has undergone a process of compression and scan on a BlackBerry server so it is safe from the virus. Attachment file is a Microsoft Office and PDF documents can be opened easily. An e-mail size of 1 MB, if received via push e-mail can be 10 kb with a fixed content.
Users do not need to access the Internet first and opened one by one incoming e-mail, or checking e-mail. This is possible because the user will be connected continuously with the virtual world through mobile phone networks are available. Storage tool also allows users to access data until when outside wireless coverage services. Once the user connects again, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server will deliver the latest data entered.
Another plus is the ability to accommodate BlackBerry e-mail to tens of thousands without any risk of hangs, as long as there is memory left.
BlackBerry also can be used for chatting. Similar to Yahoo Messenger called BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which runs through the BlackBerry network to include a unique identification number of any cell phone BlackBerry (PIN).
All BlackBerry service is known to be very safe either e-mail, chatting, and browsing. To browse the Internet, the data from the website are compressed so more quickly opened.
Other facilities are the mainstay of BlackBerry instant messaging. Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Skype has now become a partner with the BlackBerry. Current technology is allowing us to “chat” (chat) on the Internet via mobile phones and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). But different on the BlackBerry is the complete installation process you can do it over a wireless network.
See the phenomenon of the popular BlackBerry communications facilities the community for their excellence, making many IT companies to grow and compete to create the most cutting-edge applications for BlackBerry users. One of them is the application Intar.
Another advantage is also present through compression technology that causes a low cost of access and notification response messages through the vibrating alert on the BlackBerry.
Increasingly widespread use of BlackBerry with the presence of a connection facility BlackBerry (BlackBerry Connect). With BlackBerry Connect, users no longer have to use a BlackBerry handheld device to use the BlackBerry Internet Solution. Users only need to install the BlackBerry Connect on any brand of smartphone owned, we can use the BlackBerry Internet Solution.

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