Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 Two Latest Nokia Smartphone

Nokia E6 and Nokia X7 Two Latest Nokia Smartphone, Nokia recently introduced two new phones. Although Nokia has decided to use Microsoft Windows phone as homemade smartphone platform forward, but Nokia promises some Symbian phone models will continue to be released. Nokia E6 On Tuesday (12/04/2011), Nokia introduced two new smartphones using the Symbian platform, called the latest Anna. Two of the latest mobile phone has just been released is the Nokia E6 is designed for business and Nokia X7 pal pal for fan entertainment. Both these gadgets is Nokia’s first smartphone using the Symbian software with the latest updates.

Latest Nokia Smartphone

Nokia X7
Nokia E6

Nokia E6 itself is a successor of the Nokia Series E, including Nokia E71 and Nokia E72 are unique with a full Qwerty keyboard and touch screen high resolution. Designed using premium materials such as glass and stainless steel, this device comes in the right size for easy use with one or two hands. Nokia E6 provides battery life is remarkable and experience the message out-of-the-box best of Microsoft in the smartphone business, including access to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile, and Microsoft SharePoint.

Nokia E6 and Nokia X7

While Nokia X7 is an entertainment smartphone with 4-inch wide-screen wide enough to play games. Nokia X7 itself is equipped with a sensor resolution of 8 megapixel camera that can take photos and record HD video quality. To save high-quality photos and video, this smartphone has an internal memory of 8 GB which can be enlarged by using MicroSD cards up to 32 GB. in terms of sound quality no doubt, do not bear the responsibility cram nokia Nokia X7 with 4 speakers at once. certainly produced outstanding sound of this phone. and X7 in terms of body design similar to the X series line of its predecessor and uses the same material with E6. Nokia X7 Cassing material made of stainless steel and glass tables, is not doubt its power.

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