How to Upgrade The Software Xperia X8

How to Upgrade The Software Xperia X8, Good news for users of smartphones from Sony Ericsson Xperia X8. From now on Android software upgrade to 2.1 or Eclair is already available. So, all created by Android smartphone Sony Ericsson is now in the Eclair family. Previously, three Android model can upgrade first, Xperia X10, X10 Xperia Mini, and Xperia X10 Mini Pro.
How to Upgrade The Software Xperia X8

“For the convenience of users, this upgrade can be done easily through our website or within a certain Sony Ericsson Service Center who has been appointed to upgrade services at Sony Ericsson Service Center can be. Conducted for free during the promo period,” said Djunadi Satrio, Head of Marketing at Sony Ericsson Indonesia, in a press release.

All Android Sony Ericsson mobile phone users will be informed about the latest updates on their phones and can instantly upgrade their own. Another way to upgrade is via the Sony Ericsson Service Center is spread over a number of cities.

How to upgrade its own Xperia X8:

Step 1: Connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable menggnakan, PC Companion will soon appear, or click and follow the instructions.

Step 2: You will receive notification of the latest updates and benefits, select the update for details.

Step 3: The update process will begin and you will be asked to read and understand the process to Back Up & Restore your data.

Step 4: You will be taken to download Back Up & Restore application and then perform the backup / save the data already available.

Step 5: You’ll be taken to the update process, follow the instructions from your PC Companion. Your phone will be updated at this time.

Step 6: The update process is complete and you will be asked to update the phone. The update process will take time. Then you’ll be taken to restore / data calls you back up / save at the beginning of the process.

Conditions that must be considered when upgrading via a PC or on the Friends of the Sony Ericsson is the existence of a stable broadband internet connection and computer and cell phone conditions improved in a state or a fully charged battery is full.


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