Learn Seo For Beginners: Dismantle The Master Secret SEO

Bismillah – Shaking hands is the title of his article writing, Learn Seo For Beginners: Dismantle The Master Secret SEO. I ask for permission before Master SEO, for beginners like me have to talk about SEO.

Learn Seo For beginners

(Search engine optimization) It remained a secret for us the netter, because the search engine itself has alogaritme and different criteria in the search. but from personal observation, which is important in SEO is the Placement and Modification Tag h1, h2, h3, and so on as appropriate. The default is the title of our blog h1, h2 is the title of our article, h3 h4 and so on all the other widgets in the sidebar of our blog.

the question is how do I check the placement of tags, here we will try to use the facilities of the Web Developer Firefox addons, please pal Download and install first, then restart Firefox pal. Then way is by clicking on the Information (exclamation mark icon) on the toolbar and then click View Document Outline page which we want to be careful. For example, we will examine aingindra.com page like this:

Then we try one of the articles titled Researching Blogger Templates Colorizetemplates.com, Look See Outline of the document below:

Dismantle The Master Secret Seo

Here is interesting, when the blog page (figure 1), h1 tag which had previously been in a blog on the index page title, h1 tags are now posting page to the title of the post. H1 tags are definitely necessary Default blog title, so why View Document Outline on the h1 tag is the title of the article? Where the blog title h1 tag? is not magic. hehehe…..

all because I have changed the structure of placements including manipulation h1 tag tag is the difference between index pages and posts. the result will be more SEO Friendly in the eyes of search engines. because the h1 tag is the highest level of the title page blog.

The Master Secret Seo

Therefore h1 tag is often an important consideration in terms of placement. In addition, it is estimated that the h1 tag is linked to the SEO or SERP as well. but the thing to remember in the optimization and modification of the tag does not put multiple h1 tags, which resulted in confusing the search engine blog title and the title of the article. different from the placement of h2 tags that can be duplicated to highlight keywords in an article.

About how the optimization, placement and manipulation h1 tag itself I will try to review in a later article.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    nice trick….

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