Cheap Internet Solutions

Make a friend who might be confused with an internet connection, may ga hurts to follow my style internet cheap Solutions. as well as a few weeks ago also made dizzy with the connection that I use. until finally I can say goodbye in a very slow connection…can smile again now ……

want to know what steps I am doing?

The first step is just looking for friends or neighbors who pal around unreliable Internet connection.

The second step was tempted neighbor-friend I want for the connection … divided at least two monthly fees for Internet use

for the third step we are ready to live a means of liaison between our Pc by neighbors or friends … hehehe … can use a LAN cable or wirelless. I prefer wirelless facilities as a means of connection. all learn to make a small access point. why my choice fell to wirelles …? and of course we can stay online all the time without having to wait for our online friends. if our friend is not online please smile for maximum connection itself.

What we need?

– Wireless router (TP LINK my own use) the price was not until $25 …

– Lan cable to taste

– I wear blue usb wifi link cost about $15

– Wajanbolic (I myself only use the funnel, because the distance to the access point is not basecamp 100m)

– Monthly Cost of connection, depending on our agreements with our friends before, if my internet costs borne by both. quite mild, because my friend just speedy unlimited use family connections. more or less pay $10 per month respectively.

easy installation process. ADSL modem is connected directly from a friend’s neighbor to the wireless router, use as an access point. while the usb wifi and as a receiver wirelless Wajanbolic signal from the router. asked how to make Wajanbolic directly with google … to the firing range Wajanbolic itself to access point can be more than 2 km. depending on terrain that is passed to the access point itself. after that do not forget password wirelles router, do not open the safe .. hehehe …

see when I test the speed at www speedtest net

This info may be useful for my friend. if there are curious or want to ask. please comment below. hopefully useful …


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